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Battle for the Dorwinion Valley

I got the beer and pretzels and the boys came over for some lead pushing and die rolling. In order to save time, Steve volunteered to serve as Aruman, the Multi-Coulored (Head of the Istari Council). In this fantastic scenario, … Continue reading

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Play testing a scenario with the new Dwarven Army

  This was the deployment of the Dwarves and Men of the South and East for the Play Test. Play testing a miniatures scenario can be a pain.  It’s not all that much fun to work out problems with a … Continue reading

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New Model Dwarven Army

It’s been a long time since I did any miniatures work, but the figures were calling me this long holiday use-or-lose season.  And with 2 weeks at home, the time was ripe for completing a Dwarven army.  Long an after thought, I … Continue reading

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Goblin! For Miniatures (first night’s action)

My gaming group got together to play test another classic hex and counter game I converted for play with 25 mm miniatures.  This time, Howard Barasch’s Goblin!  A Dwarfstar game, which I guess was a division of Heritage USA (or … Continue reading

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A miniatures project – Ring Wraiths on flying mounts

I was having some trouble getting back into painting, so I took the advice some gave on The Miniatures Page – begin with a project that was fun and would not take forever to accomplish. The models when finished – … Continue reading

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The snow falls hard and don’t you know, the winds of Thor are blowing cold

Wanted to update this with a comparison with a couple Snowmageddon Jan 2016 shots…  This was the results of Winter Storm Jonas.  I lined up the NOAA Snow meter and Gastby once again for a comparison.  That last giant snow … Continue reading

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The BLIZZARD of 09….

Not much of a blizzard really, but we did get around 20” of snow.  That is a load of snow for around here, where we often don’t get any appreciable snow in Dec (and sometimes Jan as well).    Gail … Continue reading

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