The snow falls hard and don’t you know, the winds of Thor are blowing cold

Wanted to update this with a comparison with a couple Snowmageddon Jan 2016 shots…  This was the results of Winter Storm Jonas.  I lined up the NOAA Snow meter and Gastby once again for a comparison.  That last giant snow certainly didn’t seem like it was 6 years ago!  This time I show close to 30″ on the back door.  Gatsby got a little heftier as well (but its all mussel if you ask him).

Snowmageddon 2016 (worse than 10)

The “Blizzard” of 2010 will long be remembered as one royal pain in the ass.  Coming only a little more than a month after the Dec 09 massive snowfall, I can say for certain this one was even worse!  I’ve lived in this area for 25 years, only missing 3 winters in the FLA and CA.  Winters around here are usually very mild, but this must be what its like living in Buffalo.  The theory as to the harsh conditions this winter, is that an “El Nino” event in the equatorial Pacific has moved the Jet Stream south, channeling in cold and wet weather for the mid-Atlantic states and flooding in Peru among other anomalies.  I am not a big fan of these El Nino, and wish “the baby” would shut up. 


The dogs of doom are howling more 

I got out to begin the drive clearing as the heaviest snow was still coming down.  This proved to be a good strategy; when I got tired of dealing with the ginormous mountains of virgin snowfall, I could go back and take a breather while pushing through the fresh accumulation since the last time I attacked the awful snow pack.  I could hear the distant roar of gas-powered snow blowers from my neighbors, including next door.  I felt a little like John Henry battling the steam shovel.  I don’t need one of those cheaters’ machines that pollute my air with their 2-stroke gasoline powered engines.  Even so, I was starting to fade… 


My back aches…

Here is a similar shot from Jonas (2016), no  doubt it was more snow.  I figure I moved about 6 short tons worth based on the amount time I spent shoveling…

Gatsby on The Wall

Just when I started to think that this snow whipped me, and that I’d have to come out on Sunday to finish the job,  my PMP randomly selected Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” from a total of 2 gigs of music, and with that,  I could not get the imagery of the final scene from “Platoon” out of my mind.  I wanted to beat my shovel against my chest in a final salute to those who had fallen clearing their massive driveways.  Only there was no one to salute, so I had to keep that imagery to myself.  Then another coincidence: the very next selection from the tune-O-matic randomizer algorithm programmed into my Panasonic Spark ($40 on Buy.Com) was “This is the End” from the Doors.  And now the Vietnam imagery really kicked in, only this time from “Apocalypse Now”.  This gave me a second wind, maybe because Vietnam is tropical, and shoveling snow can’t be much of an issue if you live there. 


Next I started to daydream since shoveling snow really is not that interesting.  I was pondering the usual winter catastrophes; Napoleon’s retreat from Russia (1812), Shackleton’s escape from Antarctica (1916), and the surrender of Marshal Von Paulus (1943) in Stallengrad.  One has to think if men can cope with those horrendous situations, I can finish shoveling the driveway.


While I was shoveling, a couple 4 wheel drive vehicles got stuck in the snow.  Just because you own a 4-wheel drive, does not mean that you can fly over snowdrifts that are higher than the ground clearance of your vehicle.  One of these was a GMC SUV coming from outside our subdivision, and I thought – what an idoit, now she will block the plow and will likely try and enlist my help when I’m really not in the mood.  As it turned out, she was on an errand of mercy, delivering a nurse to a stranded homeowner, or so I heard.  She got her own crew to arrive on scene and somehow pull her out.  The “nurse” took off on foot. 


On Sunday (today), we have a sunny day but its very cold.  I tried to take the Yorkies out for a walk with their winter jackets on, but the snow was too powdery on top so they sunk right in, and that made for a very short walk.  Our Yorkies are also trained to go on Pee Pads, which we always stock up on, along with TP, Soy Milk and Trader Joe’s Cerial so we will be OK until either the plow finally arrives (or the spring thaw comes).


MICHIGAN was getting pounded by Wisconsin, so I decided to shovel the deck & watch through the window (at this point it was 40-24, pesky badgers)

One strange new development this time around is that is the these bands of roving men traveling in a big SUV looking to shovel out driveways are about.  You would not think that they could keep up with the traditional plow equipped pick up trucks.  But due to the high demand the the plows, these teams of men seem to be getting a lot of business along our street.  Even from our neighbor who has a snow blower.  According to the OPM web site, the federal govt is open today, but  I cant imagine that will be true come Monday AM.  At this point, the only way I’m getting to work is to trudge through the 20 inches snow to metro.  I think Uncle Sam should consider moving the seat of government to a more hospitable clime.  San Diego would be nice.  We have another 4 to 6 inches predicted for Tuesday. 


Men for hire, just like in the Great Depression

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