The BLIZZARD of 09….

Not much of a blizzard really, but we did get around 20” of snow.  That is a load of snow for around here, where we often don’t get any appreciable snow in Dec (and sometimes Jan as well). 


Gail and I got a head start in shoveling; we stared on Sat so we only had a couple more inches to take care of on Sunday.  The snow seemed very heavy and dense yesterday, but it was not as bad today, until I got to the part that was compressed by the plow.  The plow illuminati finally decided to do our street today (yeah) so “Normal” cars had a chance to make it to the Parkway – and onto freedom.


The top of our deck table resembled a humongous Angle Food Bundt Cake              


There was a cute old couple across the street.  They started shoveling today, but were making very slow progress.  The man must have been around 70 years old.  And although he was SLOW as all heck, we was making some progress.  His wife who looked a bit younger was trying to help my filling up a bucket of snow with a hand trowel and painstakingly dumping it one bucket by bucket. 


Although my back was a little sore after doing our long driveway yesterday and finishing it up todayt, I thought I’d do the neighborly thing and lend a hand.  Here is what irks me about this situation.  First off, many of our neighbors are equipped with snow blowers.  I half expected them to ask Gail and I if we needed a machine aided assist.  That never happened, but it did not bother me really.  REAL men (who are not too senior, that is) SHOVEL their driveway.  No need for a snow blower in these parts if you are at all fit. Well I did expect one of these blower-equipped neighbors to offer assistance to the elderly couple across the street and it NEVER HAPPENED.  So I finally broke down and started shoveling his snow.  I believe if I had not lent this poor man a hand, he would have been out there another 3 hours (assuming no ambulance was called) at the rate he was shoveling, even with the bucket brigade assist from his wife.


Gail thought that the snow might overstress the deck. I tried to explain the difference between a

uniform pressure loading and a high patch load, but she did not want to hear it.


The lovely Gaileena eventually saw me out there and came to join in on the “fun.”  The second thing that irritated me was that after I came in for the assist (and when I say assist, I mean I was doing 90% of the snow removal), the guy moved back towards his garage to keep working and gave up after 5 minutes to disappear inside.  That just pissed me off, but I assumed that he was not feeling well.  After the job was almost complete, he did come back out to retrieve Gail’s hat, which she had temporarily abandoned as she got hotter with the shoveling.  This was not really of any use, as she had placed it in the snow intentionally, to be picked up after we were done. 


His wife told Gail that he had Alzheimer’s Disease,  so that made me feel much better (not that he had that awful condition, but it explained his rude behavior.  It also may have explained why he had lots of snot running down his nose and it didn’t seem to phase him.  His wife was from Vietnam, so we did get some valuable intelligence on her favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the area (it turns out that we had been to her favorite already).


This lovely image greeted us when we opened our back door on the main level, we have not even

tried to access our stairwell to the basement yet to clear the drain… that is a job for tomorrow


So there you have it, another lost weekend.  We never made it onto the open road, after working so hard to clear a path for our automobiles.  I did get to sneer at the H2’s and Lexus SUV’s driving down the street on Saturday in their $60,000 whips.  Show off bastards… They add to green house gasses in their humungous SUVs (when they do not appear to have any kids to haul around), paying for all that gas so that just in case they get in an accident with a poor fool like me in a compact car, they can live so that I will die.  OR for the one day of the year where they can drive around while people with normal vehicles are stranded.  Great.  Good for them.


Yorkies are close cousins to the Arctic Wolf!


The only good things to happen as a result of this storm are A) The Gov’t is shut down on Monday… Hurray!!!  And B) the Yorkies got to go outside and play in the snow without a leash.  It was so high, piled around the driveway that until I broke out into the street, they were trapped, in what was for them, a Giant Glacier of Ice and Snow!                 

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1 Response to The BLIZZARD of 09….

  1. cheryl says:

    Hi Uncle Shawn, what a nice neighbor you are for helping the senior citizen. You made your sister proud! Mom says you did a mitzvah. I think Matt will be picking you up tomorrow, so look for either a black Lincoln Navigator or his big white truck. His Cell no. is (818)424-1131 so you can call when you have your baggage. Mom says looks a lot like Michigan. Yuck! See you tomorrow, Cheryl

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