97 Mitsubishi tried to get away

Here is an amusing and true tale from only moments ago.  I parked my car in our spacious garage, but I forgot to employ the emergency brake as I usually do.  I did not leave the car in gear, and I have a manual transmission.  My garage is situated on high ground with a slope to the street level and you can guess the rest.  That’s correct-Omundo; my car goes rolling down the driveway at an increasing rate of speed. 

 I tried to catch it, but it’s kinetic energy @ 1/2 m v ** 2 was too high.  I could not get into the car either, so it ran across the street, over a curb, onto a neighbor’s lawn narrowly missing a metal street sign.  Then it rolled down the other side of his lawn (it is a corner lot), and across another street and came to rest on the second neighbor’s lawn.  At which point I tried to push it onto the street.  Of course I could not do it since it was on grass, and had a higher rolling resistance than pavement.  I hopped in, started the car, and drove it quickly back into the garage, only checking for damage after it was back where it belongs.  There was no damage, only the side mirror was knocked back into the retracted position.  There were not even any appreciable marks on the neighbor’s lawns.  I consider myself a lucky man.  Moral of the story?  Don’t ever forget the emergency brake when you drive a manual and park out of gear on even a slight incline (I tried, but could not come up with a deeper meaning). 

This is what it looked when it was new.  Its not quite that shiny anymore.

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