2009 International Yorkie Meet Up

So what was the international Yorkie Meet Up like?  Well, it was much the same as the local meet ups, only A) More expensive, B) Bigger and Better, C) Lots more stuff to see and do, with more great people and YORKIES to meet.  Gaileena and I started off at the Yappy Hour at the Hotel Montico.  This was the former Holiday Inn on King Street in Old Town, Alexandria.  It’s quite a gimmick they have there.  I got this photo off an internet screen capture of a slide show, so its low res, but you can see Cyndee talking to Jacqueline next to me and Gail:  



The beer is all bottled, but you can get mixed drinks as well, albeit in plastic cups.  These are the concessions one must make when drinking in an enclosed patio for pooches.  You do not go to this event for the drink deals, but to be out in the nice weather enjoying the company of Man’s (and in the case of YORKIES, mostly Women’s) Best Friends. 



We arrived fashionably late, and met some nice people, and a few strange but interesting personalities before we took off to the Canine Cruise with our freind Jacqueline in the mighty Potomac River with many of the YORKIE meet up faithful; including a large contingency of local meet up ladies (Jacqueline is one of those ladies and is so very friendly to Gail and me – she also lives in Kingstowne where we used to live).  Yorkies dig rides in strollers; just make sure they are harnessed in just in case they see Mr. Squirrel or any other interesting potential prey animal…




The plan was to show the local meet up flag to the much larger Yorkie Talk group, and we did.  The only unfortunate part was paying 85 bucks a pop to help rent a small meeting room for about 60 people (plus pets) and dinner.   The chow was really good actually, the best hotel fare I can remember, but for that price it would have been nice to get some icy cold beverages and snacks, which were not included.


We also went to an outdoor enclosed dog park on Friday afternoon, where the YORKIES held court.  Unfortunately, due to some faulty directions I got there very late, but did get to hike around Old Town for an hour, which helped tire out the pooches, Mr J Gatsby and Ms Daisy.  When we finally arrived after many had left, but it was fun and I got to see the ladies from the local meet up, who were not in a mood to party, so we left.


Ms Yorkie Talk International Meet up 2009


Saturday was the main events, that included a Fashion Show (of which we did not participate, because although I love YORKIES, I do not like dressing them up at all, unless it’s A) Very Cold and they need their winter jackets, or B) its Halloween.  But since it was mid July and somewhat hot, their fur was more than enough insulation (plus I like my Yorkies like I like my chicks, naked).  There were some great get ups, though, and I have to admit it was fun seeing all of the homemade outfits which were very creative.  My new friend Syndee (a very nice lady who has 3 YORKIES) was selling some clothes and accessories.  Being a guy, I do not buy this stuff, but it was of the highest quality.


A swell collection of Yorkie Bows


There was also a group photo, dinner that included a serenade (but not from a laughing space man), an awesome agility demonstration from Eddie, the AMAZING genius Yorkie who’s owner is my YORKIE training hero, and a talk on qualifying your Yorkie as a therapy pet.


Can you find Waldo, me and Gail?


Mike – He is Eddie’s owner (along with Kelly) and he is the kingpin of yorkie training.


Who said Yorkies could not be "working dogs?"


Eddie was an agility master, and he knew many amusing stupid pet tricks as well.  Although Yorkies are supposed to be smarter dogs (even though they have walnut sized brains – and remember, its not just the size that counts but brain size in proportion to body size is a better metric), they are notoriously difficult to train for some things like agility.  But Eddie’s owner and trainer Mike from Alaska has an amazing amount of patience and puts incredible time into training his Yorkies.  He reported that Eddie completed five 8-week obedience classes, and then they took Agility I, II, III and IV and three other related classes. And they repeated a couple of the agilities because Eddie struggled. 

Real he-men types LOVE their YORKIES.  Those who feel the need to own pit bulls?  Insecure – I feel sorry for them. 

What a cute little guy!


With regards to qualifying your Yorkie as a therapy dog, there are a couple of certification agencies that grant this based on a dog’s behavior.  Mr. J Gatsby would require a great deal of training to qualify for this, as he is very aggressive at times when he’s startled; I could see Daisy mastering this, however.  There is a retirement home within a short walk of my house, so I am contemplating investigating this.  I always wanted to be one of George Herbert Walker Bush’s “thousand points of light” but am so darn busy at work all the time…         

Some of the new friends we made at the INTERNATIONAL MEET UP (including Alison in the top photo, she is a geologist) and some tired pooches after a long day of sniffing.  Please note that none of these photos were taken by me, I borrowed them from some of the nice people who have shared them on the net. 


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