Yorkie Meet Up!

Gail and I went to the Yorkie Meet Up today.  There were about 17 people this time around, and 20 little dogs, most all of them Yorkies but we had a cool miniature poodle and a Maltese, too.  The dogs all got along great and seemed to have a wonderful time, as did the humans.  Our guys did a fair amount of socialization, but were a little afraid of such a robust group of Yorkies, and spent some time on our laps and in Ms Daisy’s case on my shoulders where she like to hang out and see what’s what with the height advantage over her peers.  There was a lot of sniffing going on to be sure, a few accidents, and lots of good fetch action, keep away, and rough house play time.  The tiniest “tea cup” Yorkies were not phased by the standard and big guys at all.  I’d say the Yorkies weighed in at between 2 to 15 pounds.  And the two biggest Yorkies were outliers.  Our guys in the 5-6 lb range fit in very well and were right in the middle.  The tiniest guys seemed most interested in the fetch options, and were quite a laugh.  I would not do well with one of these types, although very amusing to be sure, they looked too small to easily get up and down stairs, at least without beating up their little joints. 


We discussed the next meet up, which will be a battlefield adventure in Manassas, where the battles of first and second Bull Run as we “Southerners” call them, were fought.  Of course, in those days, the soldiers actually shot at each other with cannon balls, canister, large caliber lead bullets and round ball.  Plus, they had no little dogs to walk with.  You can imagine how hellish it must have been.  Would they be “rolling in their grave” if they knew that we were taking in the history with our pets in tow?  I’d like to think not, since First Bull Run included many spectators from the District who rode their carriages south to picnic and see their army chase away the rebels, of course it did not work out that way. But these citizens of 1860 did not have the benefit of hindsight, so some may think this disrespectful; it does bother me some.  A field of glory, honor and sacrifice does not seem to mix well with Yorkies, but on the other hand, what companion is more loyal and fearless that our little canine companions?  And the citizens of Northern Virginia did keep Disney from building their Civil War theme park here, so what’s a few little dogs?      


Another topic of discussion was the 2009 Annual Yorkie Meet Up in Old Town.  There will be Yorkie lovers from all over the country converging on Old Town Alexandria for that celebration of our wonderful little furry friends on the weekend of 17 July.  This was a tough one for me!  That same weekend is the infamous Historicon miniatures war gaming convention in Lancaster, PA, which is the biggest and best convention of its kind, at least on this side of the Atlantic.  But in the end, little dogs won out over little lead soldiers for my time; primarily because this national meet-up may not make it back to Alexandria for years, so I need to show the Yorkie Flag in Old Town that weekend. 

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