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Yorkie Meet Up!

Gail and I went to the Yorkie Meet Up today.  There were about 17 people this time around, and 20 little dogs, most all of them Yorkies but we had a cool miniature poodle and a Maltese, too.  The dogs … Continue reading

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Star Trek 2009 Rant

I saw Trek yesterday and have a few comments and concerns (don’t bother to read any of this rant if you are trying to keep all plot details secret for some reason).  I thought it was pretty good overall, but there were some issues with … Continue reading

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Fords of Isen Turns 1 through 4

Fords of Isen Play Test   My gaming group decided to squeeze in some 25 mm Tolkien fantasy miniatures to go along with the usual Napoleonics, ancients, colonials, WWII, future fantasy and all the other various genres we have played over the years.  … Continue reading

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