25 critical facts about me (not so random, but more a stream of consciousness thingy from the facebook craze)

I was on business travel in Seattle during the great World Bank protest. I checked into the Westin and was almost immediately in lock down by order of the police (can’t leave the building) with protesters who chained themselves to the building chanting loudly below. The destruction the next day was noteworthy.

One Saturday morning in 1987 I was staying at the BOQ on Treasure Island, when the Marines decided to hold an unannounced drill. I was ordered to leave the building with my hands up by big guys with M16’s. They interrogated me briefly, frisked me, and then I was released. No water boards were used.

I was once on the USS RANGER, an aircraft carrier, for 28 days at sea. It gave me a new respect for those who serve in the US Navy and MARCORPS.  There were no curtains on the WCs or the 3 high berths.

I love dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier is my favorite breed.

I took my first Yorkie Mr Pippin with me to FL and CA for several months at a time, Gail watched him the rest of the time.  The flight attendants can get pissy if you let your dog stick its head out of its carrier.  They would much prefer it if he just barks his head off, because there doesn’t seem to be a rule against that.

Although nominally living in VA/MD since college, I also spent 2 years in CA and one in FL. Los Gatos was the coolest place I ever lived.

I flew over the Potomac on inauguration day for Obama, and got to see 1.8 Million fanatics crowding the National Mall. Getting to Reagan National on the Metro was a daring feat.

I had been recruiting Engineers to come work Uncle Sugar for 6 years now at U of Michigan before the great recession and eventual “right-sizing.” I would give a presentation in the same classroom every time, which happened to be a classroom that I actually took a class in back in 1984. These students were generally less than ½ my age, but it did not seem that way.

I have had as many as 4 offices simultaneously, I am now back to only 1.

My parents confiscated all my bar mitzvah money to pay for the dinner, etc. I am NOT bitter to this day.

My friend Mr. McCarthy put a big picture of me, Gail, Mike Strathmann in the back page of
the word famous St Croix Avis newspaper when we visited him on the island.

Pippin almost made it up Lombard St (the crookedest street in the word) by himself, but I finally had to carry him the last ¼ of the way.

I only had the spins once. In college on the day before classes Senior Year. I will never come close to getting that drunk ever again.

I once worked in a vault, where we had to eject and lock up our hard drives every evening.

I once worked at Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theater in Okemos MI. I sometimes had to be Chucky or the purple guy who was a Grimace (of Mickey D’s fame) Rip-Off. The worst part about it was having to wear the suit after another worker had sweated in it.

I once got a long ride in Tom Cruise’s P-51 Mustang thanks to my brother in law.

I once had a job cleaning theaters. The worst part about it was cleaning the “blood boxes.” This should be featured on “Dirty Jobs.”

I was CAPT of the OHS Chess Team as a senior, but we sucked that year.

I am the only Naval Architect in the Navy to have managed designs for a monohull ship (single hulled ship), then a SWATH (double hulled ship) and then a Trimaran (3 hulled ship) and in that order.

I have seen Blue Oyster Cult in concert 6 times going back to the 1970’s.

I have run several miniatures events at gaming conventions over the years, and am a regular in a bi-weekly miniatures and board gaming club.

My dad one barged into my room, ripped a black light poster (featuring a demon being summoned by a wizard) off my wall, and set it on fire in a 55 gallon drum until it burned up completely. He did this due to a bad dream he had about the images on it. Weird.

I am still driving only the second car I have ever owned.

Business travel has taken me to these diverse places: Freemantle (Australia), Helsinki, Honolulu, Atlanta, New York, Mobile, San Diego, Los Angeles, Escondido, Vallejo, Sunnyvale, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Jacksonville, Mayport, Port Hueneme, New Orleans, Pascagoula, Panama City, Boston, Miami Beach and Dahlgren

I attended a speech by then President George W Bush on 10 September 2001 (the day before 911). Sat right in front and Condi was there too.   He did not read us any childrens books like he did the next day.

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