Pelennor Fields, turns 3-6

Turns 4 to 6:


More of the same bitter defeat for the Witch King at the start.  His troops cannot take the outer walls of the City no matter how hard they press, instead casualties mount for Orcs as they continue their onslaught against the stout defenders.  Their masters’ hope that eventually forcing even one Gondorian unit to retreat will create a void that can be exploited by Sauron’s reserves.  Turns 2-6 are night turns; Sauron’s forces do not have to roll for hits, instead they achieve automatic hits and roll only for damage or retreat, that is, unless Gandalf’s magic intervenes.   Each of these turns, Gandalf does indeed attempt to break the darkness, and he is successful on two turns, but the Witch King eventually is able to stalemate Gandalf, and he cannot break the darkness in the final two night turns. 


The Lord of the Nazgul also casts a spell in order to active the great ram, Grond.  The spell is so successful that the gate is shattered on the first attempt!  A unit of Mountain Trolls is first into the breach, but they are instantly killed as boiling oil is spilled on the poor brutes.


On the 5th turn, with just 2 rounds of combat and siege left prior to the dawn, the banners of Rohan are seen sweeping across the northern fields of Pelennor.  The Pony Men attack in 2 Eoreds; Theoden leading the main force and Eomer leading a smaller force that starts to the east.  As the Riders are seen in the distance, the Haradrim and Easterlings prepare a defense.  Their Mumakil are spread out stop a general charge (horses will not approach Oliphants), so the Riders under the King unleash a torrent of arrows instead, destroying one unit of Mumakil.


On the ramparts of the City, the Orcs finally have their breach!  1 ½  units of Gondorians are destroyed the Orcs take a section of the wall.  In the City below, Haradrim Cavalry rush in the broken gate and engage the Swan knights of Dol Amroth, who are forced to retreat.


Now there is only 1 turn left before the dawn, the Witch King has just enough magic ability left to cast a final freeze leader spell on Gandalf, who will then not be able to break the darkness.  This final frenzied night attack may well determine the outcome of the entire battle.  If Sauron’s inferior army cannot take advantage of this last night induced battle frenzy to crush Theoden, Rohan’s cavalry may very well roll over the remainder of Sauron’s host.  Aragorn will arrive very late in the battle, too late to offer much help to Rohan.  Stay tuned! 


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