Ran Battle of 5 Armies again at TRIADCON

I ran BoFA at TRIADCON on Saturday, 7 Sept 07 (it was better use of my time than watching the Michigan game). The free peoples used a unique strategy this time around, instead of attacking into the teeth of the Goblins on the Allied left (dwarves and lakemen), the tricksy dwarven player retired Dain’s dwarves faster than the Goblins could advance (due to their better morale). They retreated all the way back to the protection of the lakemen’s bows on the spurs, and the goblins never got a shot off until the dwarves were set. Here they stood the entire rest of the game, while the goblin archers eventually got in range and shot them up pretty well (just out of the lakemen’s bow range), but due to their good morale and armor, dwarf losses were not quite enough to induce a general goblin charge on that flank until the last couple of turns… By which time it was too late to reach a decisive conclusion. The elves were taking heavy losses on the other flank and the wargs were decimated as expected, but it still could have gone either way against the elves. So in the end, the game was a draw and much less bloody by the end of the 15th turn than when our group played (about 1/2 the casualties). Nobody likes a draw, and none of the leaders died a glorious death as did Thorin when Rick was running them, but fun was had by all, and my table was right next to the "free" (included) cookies and soda for extra nutrition.

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